CORSA CS Ceramic Coating

CORSA CS Ceramic Coating once applied and left to set for 24-hours will create a hard glass-like barrier to your paintwork. In addition to the glossy finish, the coating also offers super hydrophobic properties which means that water beads and slides off easily.

CORSA CS Ceramic Coating uses the same nano technology as other industry leaders and provides up to 12 months protection if maintained correctly.

Once the paint work is completely clean and free from oil residue (use Isopropyl/Water mix to clean surface first), apply a small amount of Ceramic Coating to the included applicator pad and lightly brush over each section of a panel, ensuring to only complete 1 panel at a time.

Allow the panel to dry for a few minutes and lightly buff the panel with an Edgeless buffing towel to remove any residue. Ensure to do this in a well shaded area. Upon completing the entire car, allow to cure for 24 hours.

Avoid driving or wetting the car within the drying period if possible. A 30ml bottle is sufficient to coat a medium sized car.

A pH neutral car wash with Veloce Shield is sufficient to maintain this coating. Can also be used on glass surfaces and wheels.