CORSA CS Intenso Enhancer

CORSA CS Intenso Enhancer (473ml) is an advanced polish which includes essential polymers and waxes. It helps rejuvenate and enhance gloss, clarity and hydrophobic properties to your paint work.

While cleaning surface contaminants, it also fills tiny swirl marks to intensify reflections. It also provides exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants such as UV light, acid rain, salt, and industrial fallout. The product is completely free of abrasives and safe for all painted surfaces, clear coats, glass and tyres. The product can be applied by hand or machine. Can also be applied in sun or shade and can be applied to the entire vehicle before buffing off.

If using a machine use a soft final finishing pad and a low rpm to spread the product thinly.

Wash and dry the surface before applying Intenso Enhancer. Apply with a applicator pad or our super soft towel. Let it dry for a moment before buffing with a clean super soft towel.