$19.95 - $84.95

CORSA CS Rinseless Snow Foam

CORSA CS Rinseless Snow Foam

CORSA CS Rinseless Snow Foam is a concentrated foaming solution that was designed to be used with or without water and does not require rinsing.

Combined with the CORSA CS Portable Foam Sprayer, you can now wash your car or bike without the need for a hose or pressure washer!

Simply pour the Snow Foam solution into the Portable Foam Sprayer and add 500ml of distilled water to dilute the concentrate. Activate the hand pump and instantly generate foam to lift and loosen dirt and grime from your paintwork. Wipe off gently using a soft terry towel, ensuring to fold and use a clean face for each panel. Buff off lightly with a dry towel for any remaining residue and leave to dry.

The solution is safe to use on coated or uncoated surfaces, wheels and trims. Ensure to use in a shaded area.

Perfect for people who require a quick cleaning solution after arriving at a car show, live in apartments/water restricted areas or simply on a drive and do not have access to a hose.