CORSA Shield Protection Film Package

CORSA Shield Protection Film Package

CORSA Shield Protection Film delivers a high gloss and incredibly durable finish against stone chips and can be used on areas such as lights, mirrors and high impact areas (door sills, louvers, canards, number plates, lower skirting, rear door arches, boot entry sill).

The film can aid in the prevention against minor abrasions, insect splatter, tree sap, debris and pollutants on the road that may cause paint damage or scratches.

Application is straight forward and can be carried out by any enthusiast with a heat gun, cutting blade and our cleaning alcohol and slip solution.

The CORSA Shield Protection Film package includes
1x 150 x 30cm sheet of film
1x Applicator tool with cutting guide lines
1x Mini Squeegee

Application Instructions:

1. Clean application area using CORSA Cleaning Alcohol (purchased separately).
2. Spray underside of film after removing backing layer with CORSA Slip Solution (purchased separately)
3. Apply Protection Film into place, starting from the center, begin to push out the slip solution to the edges using the mini squeegee. Add Cleaning Alcohol to aid with the removal of the slip solution.
4. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to mould the film to curved areas.
5. Use the applicator tool to maneuver film into tight areas.
6. Trim off any access using the guide line in the application tool and a sharp blade.
7. Remove top protective film layer and wipe protected surface dry with Veloce Shield (purchased separately) to finish.